Storytelling with a Difference

The Enchanted Frog is more than just a native English speaker telling stories, it’s an educational and theatrical experience which through physical, gestural, poetical and onomatopoeic interpretation, transforms the learning of English into heaps of fun, fantasy and magic.

Learning using stories and drama

Stories are adventures, journeys into different worlds…. Fantasy, magic and imagination help to make the learning of a second or even third language a whole new experience.

Since the beginning of time stories have helped to teach us about values, culture, nature and the world around us. Through stories we also get to experience all kinds of emotions.

What better way to grasp the concepts of a language, its sounds and meaning than listening to and watching a storyteller, a native storyteller passionate about what he does…

Adam Redgrove

Is from London and has been living in Navarra for a number of years and brings you The Enchanted Frog after considerable experience in both the dramatic arts and teaching English as a second language.

A true lover of literature, Adam offers you a selection of classic, modern, adapted and many of his own stories all performed in a fun, dynamic and humorous way with the main focus being on expanding vocabulary and familiarising audiences with all aspects of pronunciation; intonation, articulation and fluency.


Adam is an active member of the theatre companies «El Escondite» and «Txiflando» He has designed and run workshops and intensive courses specialising in English pronunciation often using drama as an excellent way of improving oral expression. He is a sound technician and also designs and constructs scenery and stage props…


As an English teacher Adam specialises in spoken English and pronunciation for all ages. He has worked as a translator and narrator. He has taught adults and children from all different age groups, has taken part in language immersion programs, giving classes and carrying out all kinds of other activities; excursions, sports, arts and crafts, theatre, etc…


Long stories, short stories, stories which get everyone involved. All adapted to cater for different levels and age groups, infants, primary, secondary and even adults. With a strong emphasis on values and equality. From small groups in classrooms or libraries to theatrical presentations on stage accompanied by sound and lighting…

Shows which are accompanied by sound and lighting become even more of an intense experience.

Full PA systems in various formats depending on the requirements of each venue.

Stage lighting helps to create different atmospheres.

Shows can be adapted to any kind of space whatsoever


Worksheets for each of the different stories with activities for preparing the students beforehand or for going over the vocabulary afterwards


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